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Picus Wav Player - HELP

Welcome to Picus Wav Player Help. Picus Wav player is the simply the best featured WAV player on the market, to allow quick access to email attachments. Supporting a wide range of wav formats and other audio formats, Picus Wav player provides an easy to use interface to work on attachments.

Picus WAV player can be used to open files directly from a file manager or an attachment. With digital amplification and Variable speed playback at constant pitch (VSP) as its unique feature, this light weight player allows you to hear your voice mails and Magic Jack WAV files clearly and easily.

It also allows you the option to save a copy of the attachment.

Main screen comprises following different buttons:
1.1. Play/Pause button:
User can use this button to play or pause the currently playing file.

1.2. Variable Speed Playback button:
By clicking this button, Variable Speed Playback window will pop up as shown in below figure. User can set the speed of playback from 0.5x (half speed) to 2x (Twice speed), while playing speech at a constant pitch. Picus WAV player's unique algorithm ensures that speech is understandable even while playing back at twice the speed.

Main Preview Screen

1.3. Volume Amplification button:
User can amplify the audio volume using this feature. Audio volume can be amplified digitally up to 4 levels (2x, 4x, 8x and 16x). Default level is set to 1x. This amplification is besides the amplification available with your phone or tablet.

         Play Speed                                                         Save to SD Card                                                     Track information

1.4. Save to SD card button:
By using this button, User can save playing file to SD card.

1.5. Track Information button:
By clicking this button, user can view the information about the currently playing file.

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